Localization Process

∇    Project Preparation

Project Assessment

Our work begins with listening. We want to understand your current process and needs beyond the scope of a one-time software localization, so we can consider the entire life cycle of your software product. With that understanding we can provide recommendations and create opportunities for cost saving and process improvements.


At Art One Translation we respond to requests for quotes the same day.

Your quote typically includes:

  • the description of services required;
  • rates per word or per hour depending on the service*;
  • estimated turnaround/time required to complete the project;
  • other specifics related to the project.

*Per word rates are broken down into a regular rate for new words and a discounted rate for repetitions that are identified by running the text though our specialized software.

Project Kickoff

Following the initial assessment and quote confirmation, and once the project scope and delivery dates have been confirmed, we form teams of translators best suited to the project, and we choose the tools and procedures to localize your software and documentation efficiently and accurately.

We prepare the files for the translators, assign the work to the language teams, start building Translation Memories, Glossaries, Style guides, etc. and establish internal project deadlines.

∇    Translation & Localization

Translation, Editing, and Proofing

We use a three-stage process of translation, editing, and proofreading (TEP). This process is managed by two or three translators who are native speakers of the target language and subject matter experts. These specialists also live and work in the countries where the language of their translation is spoken to ensure that translations are 100% accurate and reflect cultural nuances specific to place.

∇    Layout & Quality Assurance

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Our team of DTP specialists will take care of your images, graphics or multimedia content for you, so that the version of your product in another language looks identical to its original. We work in many designer programs, including InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Quark, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, Photoshop, and AutoCAD, among others.

Final Quality Assurance & Testing

Our Project Manager will thoroughly check all documents before delivering them to you in order to make sure that every element of your software and documentation has been localized. If necessary, your files will be sent back to our linguists and/or digital media specialists to handle any issues or carry out refinements.

Delivery of Localized Files

Final fully localized software and documentation is handed over, and we will be at your disposal should any changes be required.

Client Comments

Through testing, we discovered that Art One Translations is incredibly responsive. We use them because they stack up so well against their competition. They’re accurate and timely – we can just send them a list of what we need and they get it back to us. Even on short notice, they do their best to accommodate any last-minute requests. Their translations are easy to incorporate into our software.

Shelly Bezanson

Thought Exchange

Olena and Art One Translations have been a pleasure to work with. Olena always finds a way to accommodate our needs. She has managed several high quality English to Spanish or Chinese translations for us, usually with very short notice. Highly recommended.

William Lee

Solarsoft Business Systems

Our sales to international clients are certainly tied to us having an available language. That’s a minimum, just to do these deals, which can be in the tens of thousands of dollars or more. Art One Translations has the reliability and quick turnaround time that enables us to win the contracts over our competitors. Being able to get things done in weeks and not months is critical to getting these deals done.

Phil Dame

Ramius Corporation

Art One Translations provided us prompt and correct translations for a piece of software that is currently deployed in offices in Quebec, Canada. They were quite thorough in ensuring the translated text would match the context of the original, which is especially important for software as many sentences and labels may be more terse than usual. They are language experts and were able to give suggestions for original English text that was unclear or bad grammar. We were fully satisfied with the service from Art One Translations.

Darren Grafton

Maxim Software