Multimedia Localization

Multimedia Localization

Art One Translations offers high-quality voice-over and dubbing services. We record and edit all audio files in a fully-equipped studio for maximal sound quality and work in a wide variety of file formats, including kbp, kHz, Mono/Stereo, .wav, and mp3.

Moreover, we employ a wide range of language specialists and voice artists, which enables us to make different types of audio products to suit different needs. We use a complex, multi-stage voice-over process in order to ensure that our audio recordings are of the best possible quality.

Voice-over Process

Our process of making a voice-over recording is broken into three stages: processing, translating, and editing.

The processing stage begins with our finding out what file format suits your needs. Having done that, we transcribe your recording, search for repetitions of words, which allows us to give you a discounted rate for our translation services, and have one of our linguists specializing in the subject matter of your text translate the transcript.

The translation stage, having begun with the translation of the transcript, is continued when a second, equally-qualified language specialist proofreads the translated text to ensure consistency of style, vocabulary, grammar, and specialized terminology. The final two steps of the translation stage are to localize the text for its target audience, if our client wishes for us to do so, in order to make it culturally understood by consumers in the target market, and recording the translated transcript.

The final stage of making a voice-over recording, editing, consists of our listening to the translated transcript one more time in order to root out inaccuracies and deviations from the original spoken text and then sending our client the final, translated audio recording, including its written transcript, and awaiting feedback. We then make any necessary changes to the voice-over recording as per the client’s specific requirements.

It is worth noting that the exact number of words in a translated text may differ from the number of words in the original due to differences in languages’ wordiness, in which case we make minor alterations to its content in order to preserve the length of the original.

Subtitling and Captions

At Art One Translations, we produce broadcast-level subtitles and captions, both open and closed, for digital and analog videos. Our language experts produce subtitles in a vast number of world languages and any format, including DV Cam, Beta SP, Digi Beta, HD recordings, film, and DVD. Each subtitled or captioned recording is reviewed by a second professional linguist before being sent back to our clients in whatever format suits them.

Since there are two different ways of outputting files, we always confirm the type of output that our clients expect. Both types of output are described below.

Superimposing Subtitles onto Video Recordings

The simplest way of subtitling is to superimpose subtitles on a video, meaning that they cannot be turned on or off. This process was popularized before the advent of DVDs, though it can be used in any number of formats, including DVDs, Beta SP, HE recordings, and Blue Ray. Its best application is for videos whose audience is sure not to know a video’s original language, as they will not want the option of turning the subtitles off.

DVD Subtitling

If you want to learn more about our subtitling, captioning, dubbing, and voiceover services, please contact us with a specific requested language. We respond to such requests on a case-by-case basis and offer free audio samples.

Client Comments

Thank you for your team’s work on our production. The project came together well, and our client was quite satisfied with the result. We appreciate the hard work and determination your people put into the project, and the attention to detail you exhibited in making sure the translation was exactly what we needed – in particular, when you recognized that the written words on screen were missed by us and you offered translation of those as well. We’ll be contacting you when the next project, which we are already working on, is ready for translation. Thanks so much.

Trevor Honigman

Beacon Studios Inc.

It is great these days to find somebody that responds to emails promptly both pre-sales and while the project is going on. The responses are always professional and to the point. The translation work her company did for us (captions for a marketing video) was very cost effective, and even for a highly technical product, they were very accurate (we had them reviewed by customers). We hope to use her for future projects as well.

Alan Walford

Eos Systems Inc.